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From factory to front door!

We have just received another container load of Little Tikes toys in to our warehouse so we now have good stock of most Little Tikes products ready for dispatch direct to our customers all over the UK.

Unlike many toys these days, the majority of Little Tikes toys are not manufactured in China. We receive regular deliveries of Little Tikes toys in 45′ shipping containers which come direct from the Little Tikes factory in Poland and we thought it would be interesting to give a quick summary of the journey that your Little Tikes products have been on to get to your door and ready for playtime!

Click here to see all the Little Tikes toys we are selling and what great prices we are offering at the moment!

But hurry, they are selling fast as Spring is on it’s way at last!


The Little Tikes Journey

Step 1

They are loaded at the Little Tikes factory in to large steel container boxes and taken by road to a port in Poland where they are loaded on to a large container ship and sailed to a UK port ready for the next leg of it’s journey.


Step 2

Once the ship has docked the containers are lifted off with a large crane and attached to a lorry which then drives the container of Little Tikes toys by road to our warehouse.

container copy

Step 3

Once it arrives at our warehouse, we then unload all the Little Tikes toys by hand and store them until each Little Tikes product begins it’s next journey…

lorry copy

Step 4

… to the customer’s house either in their car or one of our vans or by courier!

Home delivery 'now a very important part' of Nightfreight's business

So, there it is – when your Little Tikes toys arrive at your door you will know where they have come from – quite nice to know when the news is full of mysterious tales of the contents of our processed foods!

As we receive regular container deliveries, we manage to maintain good stock levels through most of the year. Unlike many of our competitors, we prefer to hold the stock in our warehouse so we can offer a fast and reliable delivery service rather than rely on the Little Tikes home delivery service which, in our experience, is a bit hit and miss and regularly encounters delays, damages and delivery problems. 

So, when you order from us you can be sure that you will get the goods when you want them and without unexpected problems.

However, if the product you are after is out of stock our website will tell you how long to wait until it is back in stock. You can then pre-order and reserve your product and we will send it straight to you when it comes in to stock. Also, if there is a particular Little Tikes toy you are after and can’t see it on our website contact us and we will do our best to get one for you!

Click here to go to our website and see our full range of playhouses,  swings, climbing frames, trampolines, sandpits, slides and much more…!

Or see our contact us page and you can even speak to a real person on 01635 248683!


Ex-demo Swings, Climbing Frames and Trampolines

As one of the few remaining companies offering a genuine ‘try before you buy’ display site for outdoor toys we are proud of the great variety of play equipment we have on display in a garden setting – all available for you to try before you buy!


We believe that, as well as having some of the most competitive prices on the internet, it is important that our customers can see, touch, feel and try a product* before they part with their hard-earned cash to buy it.

Afterall, you can look at hundreds of online photos, videos, diagrams and pages of text about a product but nothing actually beats standing in front of a wooden climbing frame, trampoline or garden swing giving it a good once over to get a real idea of the size, scale, dimensions and quality of it.

On top of this, you can quiz a real human being face to face about the products who will share their knowledge and experience with you to make sure you get the right climbing frame, trampoline or garden swing frame for your situation.

We only sell products which are built to last and we make no bones about it – some of our products are a lot of money. But when you consider the amount of fun, laughter, exercise, entertainment and good old fashioned memories you and your children will get from them for years and years to come, it will seem like a very good purchase indeed. See our testimonials page to see what our customer say about us and our products.

“Just to say thank you for the sturdy Langley double swing we bought from you a couple of years ago – it is doing sterling service – very much enjoyed by young (and old – including this grandmother!). So, well done and I hope you go from strength to strength!”

So, we have a large display and we welcome people to try before they buy and as a consequence we often have ex-demo outdoor toys for sale as we rotate the display products to keep the most up to date products on show looking fresh and new.

We sell off these ex-demo products at various times of year but a ‘pre-season’ sale is a favourite as we clear the decks and install a new selection of swings, climbing frames and trampolines for the coming busy Spring/Summer season.

And now is the time for a ‘Pre-season sale’. Although your thoughts may not be on garden toys while the snow is still falling, it is a chance to pick up some superb bargains ready for the kids to get outside and enjoy when the weather does finally improve (next week I’ve been told!).

Our usual ex-demo discount is 25% off our normal selling price (not the RRP which is a lot higher) and some of the products have even more discount if you’re quick. Most products are not more than 2 seasons old and any outstanding warranties and guarantees are still applicable.

The main stipulations are that the sale is strictly ‘first come first served’ and ‘sold as seen’ – so you must come and look, touch and try the products before buying them. Also, we can then discuss the logistics of moving it from our display to your garden. We try to limit any dis-assembly and subsequent re-assembly and, subject to access at your end , we can move the majority of products part-assembled saving you both time and money.

Here is an example of the savings on offer and more are shown here:

TP Castlewood Tower, Crazy Wavy Slide and Double Swing Arm with two deluxe swing seats

Usually £519.99

Ex-demo price £389.99Saving 25% or £130!

(Plus you won’t have to build it from scratch!)

Our ex-demo page can be found by clicking here which shows a selection of what is available.

If you are interested in any ex-demo products please call us on 01635 248683 to discuss their availability and your requirements. If we don’t have it available as ex-demo we do have some very good new package prices which may also be worth considering … click here to go to our homepage and see our full range of swings, climbing frames, trampolines, sandpits, slides and much more…!

Or see our contact us page and you can even speak to a real person on 01635 248683!

(* Please call before visiting to try a specific product – we do not guarantee to have all products on display all of the time!)

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